Honey Walnut Ice Cream

Okay, it's been forever and I've had a life and stuff and barely posted the occasional thing to Twitter or reblobbed a culture thing on Tumblr, but I have to document this ice cream I just made and this is the most correct location.

Adapted from

2 cups whole milk
2 cups heavy cream
6 large egg yolks
2/3 cup honey
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup walnut oil
3/4 cups walnut bits

Per the standard ice cream instructions, heat milk and cream in one pan and simmer. Whisk egg yolks, sugar, honey, and walnut oil together in a separate bowl; try for frothy. Drizzle hot milk into the whisk bowl, stirring constantly, to temper the egg yolks, then dump it all back into the pan. Bring up to 175F. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

The next day, chop up and toast the walnut bits in the oven. If I were doing it again, I'd probably do this half an hour earlier and refrigerate them? But honestly I don't think it would make a big difference to the final texture. Use your ice cream device to churn the refrigerated mixture for 25 minutes or until soft-serve, then mix the walnut bits in for 2 minutes. Freeze overnight.

Why I'm bothering to record this recipe: My homemade ice cream always sets up hard as a rock, especially if it didn't get really fluffy or firm in the mixing bowl. This was so runny after mixing that I was afraid it would be an iceberg but instead it scoops like commercial ice cream and also is utterly delicious. (I usually don't even like walnuts.) It melts very quickly.

I hypothesize that both the liquid oil and the honey keep it from freezing hard. I welcome input from food science geeks.

P.S. I'm making ice cream again and appreciate flavor suggestions. Avocado came out... intensely avocado. It needed salt.

(no subject)

One week out from surgery, trying to say where I am in recovery is like trying to summarize a baby animal growing up. Three phases a day sometimes. The last two days have starrrrted to settle down to more of a steady state, but I'm sure in retrospect they'll seem like part of the steep curve as well.

As the above is rather muddled, I'll try again to sum up: I'm recovering faster than I can conveniently describe. This is good.

I've been off heavy painkillers for two full days now and I'm settling into a projected long three weeks of wondering why I have to spend so much time holding still and napping when nothing really hurts much. And I don't have a uterus! This is great.

Doc called with the path report and said they removed 413 cubic centimeters of material. For reference, 1cc = 1ml and a "standard" uterus is 70-80 ccs. That's right, I had the equivalent of FIVE UTERUSES, or an under-poured pint, taking up space in my abdomen without paying rent.

If you want to sign up to come visit me during a day sometime... All times flexible, or hit me up for an evening.

Robin vs The Thing From Beyond The Uterus

My surgery is on Tuesday and my care calendar is active again! It is no longer vs Cancer Man. It is still for offering in-person support in Seattle.

I have made time slots for friendly visits, and will keep using the calendar to request things like rides to appointments.

I have my mom here for the first week of surgery aftercare, so all visit shifts are *optional and flexible.* I'll send an email if something is critical or no one's picked up a more specific need. Last time, several people thanked me for the more structured opportunity to visit and help out, so here you go! I also welcome overtures to visit at other times.

  • If you were already signed up last summer, you should have just received an email letting you know this. (If you did not receive this email, you are not signed up!)

  • If not and you want to make yourself available for support tasks in Seattle, here is a handy link! You will need to make an account and sign up for my community.

  • If you know someone who doesn't check social media but knows me and would like to help, please feel free to circulate the link.

Again, thank you for your support, and I look forward to seeing some of you in the near future, possibly while groggy.

Post-surgery "I'm okay" notification will go out via Twitter and Facebook.

The Year Of Medical, part next

Heyyy, so I've put this off and can no longer put this off: I'm having major but non-terrible abdominal surgery a week from today! After much travail, I'm getting a uterus-b-gone, and I am SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

As people have legit reasons for concern here: No, it is very unlikely to be more cancer. Yes, I probably got the condition which currently has me laid up (uterine fibroids) from dinking around with my hormones due to last summer's breast cancer. It's the gift that keeps finding new ways to keep on giving.

(This announcement wasn't so pressing until a few days ago when my surgeon called me personally on a Saturday afternoon to offer me a cancellation slot. So, suddenly I had 10 days instead of a month to nerve up on all kinds of things, including Alerting Social Media.)

I'll be posting a link again to the help site, probably tomorrow, so locals can volunteer to help with care or just show up and visit with me. This is just the "must give at least a week's notice to Everyone" announcement.

Postcards and doodad requests: Amsterdam and Reykjavik!

I get on a plane in less than 24 hours to spend 2 weeks in the Netherlands, with a few punctuating days in Iceland.

Do you like postcards? Do you crave doodads? Is there a thing you ate that one time that I could bring back for you?

Leave me your mailing address and you will get a thing. I'll do my best to fulfill requests (including postcard themes) or just send you something according to whim if you express no preference.

Comments on this post will be visible only to me. [I may unscreen replies with no personal data.] Anonymous comments are allowed, since many of you will be wandering over from Facebook or something. Kids these days.


In other news...

- I am packing for the Netherlands.
-- I did many loads of laundry today.
-- I have a 180 day unbroken streak of practicing Dutch on Duolingo.

- I have read so much fanfiction lately.
-- Also even some pro fiction which is much rarer for me but I had a lot of time and these ebooks that I bought but never read.
-- Overwhelmingly looking up rare Marvel pairings like Thundershield (Captain America/Thor) and Nick Fury/Anyone (I particularly like when people write him with M from MI6 or Kate Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT).
-- I often seem to enjoy the process of having opinions about which ones are good more than I end up enjoying the individual stories. I find sorting and ranking things soothing.
-- I continue to find increasing evidence that my strongest and hottest fetish is for clear or clever negotiation. SO HOT.

- I stayed up too late last night watching the Hugos livestream.
-- and picking over the detailed voting statistics.
-- I sometimes have fun having opinions on the internet recreationally, again due to the sorting and ranking aspect.
-- Blocking annoying people on the Twitter #hugoawards hashtag was immensely satisfying from that perspective.

Emotional labor and building support networks

I ended up reading a lot of this thread about unpaid emotional labor (which has a wonderfully moderated comments section, this is a "do read the comments") and it's speaking to something I've been struggling with.

I'm bad at many kinds of emotional labor. (Good at other kinds, but bad at many kinds listed in this thread.) So are most of my friends. So are most of my family members.

We don't get together because almost no one organizes it. I'm having a horrific time managing support for my surgery aftercare because it means dealing with thinking about strategically contacting people, and actually knowing their contact information, and having some semblance of understanding of where our social currency stands so am I being a giant jerk.

Many people I know have trouble with this in phone or person, but do great with online social networking. For years I was one of those, but with the de-relevancing of LJ, I've been slipping from it. I'm just... disconnected.

Also relevant on that thread, my circuits on doing housework and opening mail and other personal unpaid labor tasks seem deeply, deeply broken.

This is an entire sphere of competency in which I feel deeply, deeply broken, and I can't tell how common it is to my friend group and how much it is that everyone I knew who did the good reciprocation thing has drifted away to other friends because I didn't.

ETA: I realized I didn't really give a discussion direction here, which is a piece of emotional work. I'd appreciate people sharing their perceptions of emotional labor in our mutual friend circles or their lives in general, and some kind of reality check on where I stand here.

It's okay if that assessment doesn't reflect too well on me, especially if it gives positive feedback on "here are some friends who are awesome at this," because I'm starting from a place where I'm pretty clueless about what's being done that I'm not aware of. I'm also curious about how this interacts with mental health issues.

Mostly uncooked, totally alive

It turns out recovering from even minor outpatient surgery is really tiring! Also recovering from 5 hours of general anesthesia, because both of my two procedures ran long.

J's tweet that they needed a better flamethrower was an exaggeration but not a non sequitur; apparently the first tool they tried for setting my uterus on fire (endometrial ablation) didn't fit me right(???) and they had to switch from the electrical one to either hot or cold. I'll have to wait for my follow-up visit to find out which.

I don't know why taking Didi and relevant sentinel nodes walkies ran long. *shrug* Sometimes that is a thing.

Anyway, I closed out the recovery area and felt unnecessarily embarrassed about that, but all is now well. My armpit hurts and walking very far, even 6 days later, is dizzy-making, but I am reliably feeding myself and have plenty of groceries!

Thanks to everyone who kept me under constant 48 hour watch so I had enough food and water and Oxycodone. You were all great and very much appreciated. And I got a care package that included a Lisa Frank paint-by-water book and a little stuffed bear dressed like Robin (Bear Wonder)!