Mana Gement (gement) wrote,
Mana Gement

Mostly uncooked, totally alive

It turns out recovering from even minor outpatient surgery is really tiring! Also recovering from 5 hours of general anesthesia, because both of my two procedures ran long.

J's tweet that they needed a better flamethrower was an exaggeration but not a non sequitur; apparently the first tool they tried for setting my uterus on fire (endometrial ablation) didn't fit me right(???) and they had to switch from the electrical one to either hot or cold. I'll have to wait for my follow-up visit to find out which.

I don't know why taking Didi and relevant sentinel nodes walkies ran long. *shrug* Sometimes that is a thing.

Anyway, I closed out the recovery area and felt unnecessarily embarrassed about that, but all is now well. My armpit hurts and walking very far, even 6 days later, is dizzy-making, but I am reliably feeding myself and have plenty of groceries!

Thanks to everyone who kept me under constant 48 hour watch so I had enough food and water and Oxycodone. You were all great and very much appreciated. And I got a care package that included a Lisa Frank paint-by-water book and a little stuffed bear dressed like Robin (Bear Wonder)!
Tags: cancer, didi, medical, surgery
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