Mana Gement (gement) wrote,
Mana Gement

The Year Of Medical, part next

Heyyy, so I've put this off and can no longer put this off: I'm having major but non-terrible abdominal surgery a week from today! After much travail, I'm getting a uterus-b-gone, and I am SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

As people have legit reasons for concern here: No, it is very unlikely to be more cancer. Yes, I probably got the condition which currently has me laid up (uterine fibroids) from dinking around with my hormones due to last summer's breast cancer. It's the gift that keeps finding new ways to keep on giving.

(This announcement wasn't so pressing until a few days ago when my surgeon called me personally on a Saturday afternoon to offer me a cancellation slot. So, suddenly I had 10 days instead of a month to nerve up on all kinds of things, including Alerting Social Media.)

I'll be posting a link again to the help site, probably tomorrow, so locals can volunteer to help with care or just show up and visit with me. This is just the "must give at least a week's notice to Everyone" announcement.
Tags: hysterical, medical, not cancer, probably
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