Mana Gement (gement) wrote,
Mana Gement

Robin vs The Thing From Beyond The Uterus

My surgery is on Tuesday and my care calendar is active again! It is no longer vs Cancer Man. It is still for offering in-person support in Seattle.

I have made time slots for friendly visits, and will keep using the calendar to request things like rides to appointments.

I have my mom here for the first week of surgery aftercare, so all visit shifts are *optional and flexible.* I'll send an email if something is critical or no one's picked up a more specific need. Last time, several people thanked me for the more structured opportunity to visit and help out, so here you go! I also welcome overtures to visit at other times.

  • If you were already signed up last summer, you should have just received an email letting you know this. (If you did not receive this email, you are not signed up!)

  • If not and you want to make yourself available for support tasks in Seattle, here is a handy link! You will need to make an account and sign up for my community.

  • If you know someone who doesn't check social media but knows me and would like to help, please feel free to circulate the link.

Again, thank you for your support, and I look forward to seeing some of you in the near future, possibly while groggy.

Post-surgery "I'm okay" notification will go out via Twitter and Facebook.
Tags: hysterical, medical, not cancer, probably
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