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House of Forgotten Thoughts

(just down the street from Cain and Abel)

Mana Gement
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My current contact info (friend-locked). If you're not friended and need to get in touch, use the LJ e-mail address.

"Ohh, she's really good." Neil Gaiman (Yes, he was actually talking about my shoulder rub.)

blague, n. Pretentious falsehood, ‘humbug.’ (OED)

You might know me from the UW (iSchool or undergraduate), from MidgardMOO or Discworld MUD, from Jason Webley concerts, from tango lessons, from science fiction conventions, from fetish parties, from Cam games (but not since early '02), from my hometown in Eastern Washington, from Nerdvana or the Metaphorest or the Casa del Biomass or my currently unnamed home.

Or you might not. But I'll betcha money I know someone you know.

I am living in Greenlake. I would like to stop being a recluse. I am writing a very smutty book. I have gotten a card game for children almost to the publication point, but stopped. I clean data for a living. I have trouble finishing things to my own satisfaction, which is funny since I've finished a library degree and a number of other very grown-up things.

One of my icons (the pile of books) is a detail shot from Mark Ferrari's "Bookwyrm," (c) 1989. Used by permission.